Thursday, December 14, 2006

Third Week of Advent: O Lord, Come By Here

What is the attraction of the simple song that we sing and mock, love and hate, play with and worship by? Kumbayah, Lord. I suppose part of its glow is that it allows for anything. Someone's singing, someone's praying, someone's crying, someone's laughing, someone's dancing, someone's sleeping, someone's sinning, someone's serving, I suppose someone could even be having intercourse and you could Kubayah.

This song allows us to be exactly who we are and still say Kumbayah, Lord.

So, in this spirit, the third week of advent could be a true celebration, not of chaos and lasciviousness, but certainly of acceptance and forgiveness. You have not come, Jesus, in the form of authority and pomp, (see revisionist creed) but you've kind of sidled up to us with the rhythm of jimbay drums, and the beat of our own hearts, and, and participation in who we really are.

Kumbayah, my Lord, Kumbayah.



Anne G G said...

I tried to post some comments last week but couldn't post . . . something about the Venezuelan program to give oil to poor americans (we've got commercials for it here in DC . . . yaaar!). But it wouldn't let me post . . .

Last night while we were Christmas shopping, the police arrested some guy in the parking lot of the Target. They had their guns trained on his windows, poised to shoot, and there we all were . . . trying to park, barely paying attention. "Someone's in the middle of a police standoff, Lord. . . . kumbayah."

Sorry this post is so tangential.

brd said...

Anne GG et al,

I think any posting problems stem from the fact that I changed from the old blogger system to the new blogger system. I love the new system because it allows for tagging, which means that I can add categories that really work. I think though that if you are commenting with a blogger identity that it is best that you log in first and then comment instead of commenting and then trying to log in. I'm not sure that this is always the case, but it seems to work that way.

brd said...

Oh, and I'm sorry that you couldn't post about the Oil for Poor Americans program. Try again on that. I'd love to hear about it.

You guys are pretty experienced with dangerous situations!

"Someone's mugging Lord. . .kumbayah!"