Monday, January 08, 2007

How to Saddle a Horse Plus How to Be Desaddled

WARNING: Scroll down only if you aren't medical-x-ray intolerant. (Warning as per request of Conversely!)

Dear Nebuchadnezzar,

I don't know whether to love you,

or hate you!

OK! I still love you.


P.S. My first YouTube post. I am so techno-pleased.


Josh said...

OUCH! "Merry Christmas from your favorite (?) horse!"

How'd it happen? And are you aware that your BirthDate is proudly displayed on your x-ray?

brd said...

Double ouch! And ooh that birth date is telling isn't it? It begs the question. . . Am I too old to ride Nebuchadnezzar as fast as he can possibly go?. . .that being the state we were in when he decided to do something weird causing me to be jettisoned over his head, landing left hand first on the ground.

Conversely said...

Wow, brd, that hurts, it appears. Jen says, after seeing that, that she loves you. (Not that her love is conditional; rather it swells with injuries...)

Is this the horse you put me on? Should I be glad I refused Stevie's suggestion that we run? I think I rode Solomon, now that I think about it.

On another note, I'm disturbed by the skeletal system especially when it's discombobulated like that. If you could provide a warning in the future to your sensitive-stomached (or, rather, weak-stomached) readers, that'd be appreciated.

What does "SIZES ARE APPROXIMATE" mean? Did they shrink you?

brd said...

I have historically put my guest riders upon my older and wiser steed, Solomon, who is, as they say in the equine business, more bomb-proof.

I got a new x-ray yesterday that sports new arm hardware (plate and screws). Much less gruesome, but a little Terminatoresque.

Conversely said...

Ah-ha! A warning! You are a delight and my stomach is calm!

Cate said...

What? You love him?! Love him?! I distinctly remember a different sentiment regarding your emotional involvement with animals (see July for confirmation). Perhaps you are experiencing a little cognitive dissonance? I'm not worried. No matter how tiring or painful it can sometimes be, you always just love.

brd said...

Caught! My inconsistency has been identified. I did distinctly say on July 25, post entitled, While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks By Night, "I actually realized that I do not love my animals."

Which, do you think, of the two statements, are my true feelings.

And by the way, I can say, as of this weekend, "I got back up."

Anne G G said...

I know what it all means. . . . as your daughter, I claim the right to know everything about you (though I'm sure I never will). My guess is that you don't love the cats and dogs, but you're starting to love the horse.

Now why would that be? Could be for the same reasons that Maureen O'Hara loves John Wayne in "McClintock" (that is, because he wallops her with a frying pan), but I think it's something closer to the fact that you can have an "equal" relationship with a horse -- he's got some power, you've got some power, there's risk involved -- whereas you can't with a dog or cat.

All theory, no facts!!!! It's my prerogative as a daughter!!! Hope your arm is steadily mending