Saturday, September 08, 2007

Haleh Esfandiari: There and Back Again

Dear Haleh,

Glad to hear that you are back on U.S. soil. I know that it might be inaccurate to say you are home again, because home to you includes that space where your 93-year-old mother resides, and that is Iran. But that home is not a safe place. Not safe for you and perhaps not safe for very many women. Certainly it is not safe for women who think and then speak, even if in a velvet whisper.

I had written to you at the time of your imprisonment. Now, I am glad your ordeal is over. I do appreciate the time line that Woodrow Wilson Center put together tracking your ordeal.

The Washington Post gave a good account of your recent release, I thought.

Bless you. And sleep well tonight.


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