Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Budapest: Betsy and Steve's Great Adventure

Dear Alan and Malinda,

I cannot express what a pleasure it was to be with you and to explore the wonders of the beautiful city of Budapest, Hungary. The slideshow below is somewhat chronological as you will realize. It cannot capture, but only reflect the beauty and old world vitality of the city.

Of course my remembrances of this great adventure will always be colored by the warmth of your hospitality and flavored by the zest of your spirits.

Thank you.


Betsy and Steve


brd said...

Comment on slideshow.

I have been playing with various means of preparing slideshows to post on YouTube. This one, simply described was made by creating a Quicktime movie from iPhoto, but then I took it into iMovie and compressed for YouTube. The two actions caused, I think, more image degradation than would have been necessary. I should try just taking the images into iMovie and converting them again. Or, I think there are MP4 exports from some of the Photo upload sites. These I must try.

Josh said...

YAY! looks like you had fun. I'm glad to see pictures of the Fisherman's Castle & St. Mathyas Church (though sad to see it was still being worked on), and Hero's Plaza, and the Chain Bridge, and that great copper statue/fountain where the copper bleached the stone. Such good times in Budapest!

So you will have to tell where all you went; what are all these pictures of; and what opera/musical performances did you see? Did you go down into the Labrynth?

brd said...

We really, really had a great time. The woman we were with didn't recommend going into the labyrinth given the time we had. (We had to join some folks for dinner.) We saw the ever weird opera, The Magic Flute, by Mozart (in Hungarian). It was beautiful though and the vocalists were wonderful. I will post either a better slideshow (to overcome previously described compression problems) and a link to titled images or a list of sites soon. (I'm still getting over my jet lag.) I needed a reason to go back to Budapest, so I guess the Labyrinth and the Cave Church are good ones, plus, maybe a Verdi opera!