Monday, April 20, 2009

A Week for Underdogs

Dear Overdose,

I am a lover of horses, so I was quick to become a fan when I heard your story. Plus, my husband and I are fans of all things Hungarian since visiting Budapest last year.

I guess that in reality, you are no longer an underdog, though you started out as one. With a purchase price of under $4,000, even your owner wasn't expecting a phenome. You were a long-shot in Rome and Baden-Baden, Germany. “We didn’t expect anything from the horse when he arrived,” said Sandor Ribarszki, the horse’s trainer, who has called Overdose “short” and “kind of ugly.”

But now after winning 12 of 12, they are calling you unbeatable. And in the midst of these depressing economic times, they are also calling up comparisons with Seabiscuit. That makes sense too. At any rate congratulations on your latest win.

No, doubt, if you have an in-stall computer, you've seen the other underdog of the week, whose YouTube vids are sweeping the world. It is another "blast of wonderful" for those who just need a "shot at it." Susan Boyle may have looked unlikely too, but at least this week, she is a runaway winner in the world of music and in the hearts of the public who rejoiced at her success.

I hope you both continue to run well. You have already risen to the top and are doing more than just entertain. You are serving to bring us all hope for life and future.



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cadh 8 said...

Cool clip. I had seen the singer last week (through the viral video being passed around on emails). It was so surprising it took my breath away as I thought she would be terrible. Looks like OVerdose was the same kind of story. Looks like you really can judge a book by its cover.