Thursday, October 22, 2009

Raccoon Family Dinners

Dear Lovers of Raccoons,

I suppose you, as do I, miss Zorro the Raccoon. He was a special guy and has been missed.

However, that does not mean that the DeGeorge household has been raccoonless. No indeed. And these, doubtless, are descendants of Zorro, though it is hard to keep track generationally. (Don't the little ones grow so fast!)

As an observer of raccoon behavior, it has been interesting to watch the group that comes to dinner. There are usually five. I think it is a mom and three babies and a tag-along, but I'm not sure who is who anymore.

The first of these videos is a little long. It is fairly peaceful though.

This second video is a little fuzzy as I captured it through the not so sparkling kitchen door. It shows the interesting raccoon behavior as the dominant one makes it clear who gets to eat first.

You've got to love raccoons.


1 comment:

cadh 8 said...

Love the video. Such a crazy bunch!! They are funny little creatures!