Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Crossing the Partisan Divide

Dear Republican Senators Scott Brown, Susan Collins, Olympia Snowe, George Voinovich, Christopher Bond and Democratic Senator Ben Nelson,

The Continental Divide of the Americas, frequently called the Great Divide, is a hydrological divide of the Americas that separates the watersheds that drain into the Pacific Ocean from those that drain into the Atlantic Ocean. There are other continental divides on the North American continent, however the Great Divide is by far the most prominent, well, at least hydrologially speaking. One blogger posted a picture of himself at a sign in the Rockies that announced "Continental Divide". He noted that if he spit in one direction, his saliva would wend it's way to the Pacific. If he spit in the other, the expectorant would find itself reaching the Atlantic Ocean.

There is only one greater divide cutting through the United States at this time, and you, Scott, Susan, Olympia, George, Christopher, and Ben, are our only hope for eroding it. That Greater Divide is the partisanship that defines and divides all of politics these days.

And I want to say "Thank You", to you six, for taking your pick axes and shovels and, at least for one day, one vote, making rubble of the partisan divide that is rendering our political system impotent.

My New York Times headlines this morning recounted the story of your defection from politics as usual. With G.O.P. Help, Senate Advances Jobs Bill, it said. "A rare bipartisan breakthrough," the article stated. It said the Republicans broke ranks and that one Democrat did too. I cannot thank you all enough. What I am impressed by, is your willingness to do what the rest seem unable to do--THINK FOR YOURSELVES!

Water runs downhill. The continental divide marks something that is inexhorable. But people, even congress people, can walk uphill. You have demonstrated that this is possible. I can't thank you enough.



cadh 8 said...

I agree. It is time for those on the hill to put partisanship aside, especially as we voters start to do the same. And by that I mean we are putting all y'all Republicans and all y'all Democrats aside and looking for someone else... Nadar, Perot, ANYONE else!!
Seriously I agree. Git R done.

How did CaDh 8 go so redneck so fast? Anyway...

brd said...

I certainly agree with your--"anyone else"--perspective.

I was interested in seeing that Scott Brown the new Senator from Mass. was quick to show he could cross the divide. If there was any message that I hope both democrats and republicans get from his election, it is that people want to see the end of this debilitating partisanship.