Friday, March 09, 2007

Rotoscoped Raccoon

Dear Max Fleischer,

I just want to tell you that I never want to do another rotoscoping project in all my days. My hat is off to you if you liked doing it.

Yes, it took a gazillion frames and as many drawings to create this stupid little project. I think I don't have enough OC in me to allow for more than one rotoscope in my entire life!!!

With sincere respect,

Betsy DeGeorge

*Note: I swear this is the last raccoon video I will post for a while.


cadh 8 said...

I liked this video!! Mom, you have really got graphics skills, web building skills, rotoscoping skills. Everybody loves a woman with skills! :)

Oh, and I like the racoon videos. Keep em coming.

brd said...

I just wish I could dance like Napoleon Dynamite!

But will Duke like the racdoon that's what we really want to know.

brd said...

That would be raccoon, not racdoon, although you could call him a rad raccoon.

Conversely said...

Don't stop the Zorro posts! They rock! Also, Tilliwinger wants you to know, and I agree, that this one is the best yet. More rotoscoping!

brd said...

Conversely et al, Thanks for the encouragement, but I'm doubting I have the patience for more rotoscoping. I did this one to fulfill an animation exercise in my Instructional Technology class. The dozen or so hours of work hardly seems worth the result!! Certainly not as fulfilling as, say, a trip to Paterson, NJ

Anne G G said...

Hehe . . . we watched all your videos on youtube a couple weekends ago . . . So delightful. Glad to see the Rotoscoped raccoon has made its way here.