Friday, March 02, 2007

Zorro--Million Dollar Baby?

Dear Zorro Fans,

It was a fight of sorts but with some provocation as you will see on the video that you are about to roll. Yes, Zorro had goosed Pompom the cat. It wasn’t really an act of aggression. It was more like a practical joke. (I’m thinking of getting Zorro a Whoopie Cushion for his birthday.)

But Pompom took it hard. He is a retiring sort of cat. Normally more scared than anything. But this had crossed his line and he stood up for himself, what can I say. I do think that it was a little unfair of Macatam to get involved. He had no particular offense to equalize. He just climbed on. The video isn’t so good at this point, so you can’t really see how many whacks Zorro was taking.

Z is patient, a peaceful spirit, and perhaps a coward, though I would not say this to his face. Still, I felt bad that Pompom couldn't take a little joke and that our hero, Zorro, took such a "whuppin'".


P.S. The stills in between the clips are there to give you a better look at the star of this series.


Anne G G said...

This really is the cutest video. I WANT A KITTY. How are all the animals by the way? and how is riding going now that the arm has healed?

brd said...

And indeed, one of these cats can be your very own. I will deliver. Choose: Black with short tail, black with long tail, orange with short tail (retiring personality except with raccoons), pink, grey and white (named after conversely), and grey and pink. Also available some beautiful strays from the neighborhood if the above colors don't suit.