Sunday, July 15, 2007

Zorro and Zorra and the Little Zorries

Dear Dan, Josh, Cadh8, Cate, et al,

I'm anxious to get back to politics and economics. But first I must introduce you to the fam!

In the spirit of the last post on Pretty Fakes and super-conscious appreciation for seizing the day, I wanted to introduce you to the growing Zorro family. They truly are one of my nearly daily joys in life.

Here Zorro brought Zorra home to dinner to meet the family.

Then we were ecstatic to learn that there was already a fairly well grown brood of 3, very shy except for this one. The others scooted before I could draw my camera.

Later, a post on, as the New York Times calls it, The New Gilded Age.

For now enjoy the moment.



Dan Trabue said...

What a lovely family.

Cate said...

How important and trusted you've become to your little Zorro!!

brd said...

I really care about him. This morning he was at the back door waiting for me. I fed him and gave him water and patted him. He looks so ill though and tired. Poor baby.