Friday, July 13, 2007

The Zorro Report

Dear Terwillinger or Tilliwinger or whatever,

Since you asked I will begin a short series of Zorro videos, just to keep you up to date.

First the bad news. Zorro has wounded his foot badly or a small infection has become a large one. He is not longer bearing weight on his back right foot. We are saddened but are not planning to intervene, for he is afterall a wild raccoon. We have debated, (hear faint conversation in video) bringing some bute (phenylbutazone) over from the farm and dosing him, but perhaps regular aspirin would be a better alternative. (Having read a little about bute, I'm sure it would be a bad choice.)

Sorry about the sound. The night was loud or something.



Cate said...

Although you didn't ask, I vote for intervention. You have already. Check out the aspirin before you give it, if you do, because it can be fatal to some animals--like cats. Would be bitter irony for intervention to be cause of death.

brd said...

OK. But we will have to do some online investigation to come up with an appropriate intervention now that bute and aspirin are both questionable. I wonder if there is a "Wild Veterinarian" site out there. Kind of like the "Ask Dr. Koop" of wild America.

brd said...

I asked at the coop about antibiotic for small animals. They suggested a concoction they have for chickens. I'm thinking no.

Cate said...

I called my vet about a cut Lily had received on her paw a few months ago. She said I could use A LITTLE triple antibiotic cream on it. I did so and we are healed and infection free. How about that?? You may be able to look on a vet site and get a little info.

brd said...

I have a call in to the agricultural extension agent for advice. I hope he can help. I have to admit that although I pat Zorro and let him touch me, I am not sure that I am brave enough to try and touch that sore paw with cream.

Cate said...

Yeah. Someone else should do this. If I had to choose his health or yours, I'd choose yours.