Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Our Raccoon Friends

Important Update, with medium level believability due to bluriness of photo. A fox came to visit last night!!! I think we'll name him Xerox, no, Zerox.

Dear Zorro,

We are sorry you are no longer around. I fear the worst, but am glad I have not seen any raccoon tails flying from the bicycle bars of biking children or the from the seats of bandana bedecked motorcyclists in the neighborhood.

How nice that your son or daughter takes after you in friendliness and spirit. We call her/him Zero.

The mom and sibling are still around too, but a bit shyer, though they will pose for quick snaps.

Missing you,


Anonymous said...

Yaaay! Raccoons are great! We miss you Zorro!

Pinky said...

GAH! We have a family of raccoons, too! They are fabulous and since we put up the outside cat's food, we haven't seen them much. That's sad. :(

brd said...

I have to agree that cat food is key to regularly seeing raccoons on the back porch. Mine occasionally knock on the sliding glass door in the morning if I don't bring out the cat food quickly enough.