Monday, November 19, 2007

Survey: Do Raccoons Like Cheese Nips?

The question being investigated in this blog is one that has plagued the minds of humans since the rise of the raccoon in the United States and Germany.

Do Raccoons like Cheese Nips? And, if so, what brand do they prefer?

Some visual evidence is presented below.

However, other evidence is available. One female from British Columbia reports that:
"The raccoons came and took food from my hand with their weird hands and I had the squirrels climbing up my LEG to come get cheese nips."

Another Canadian (from Quebec) named Ross indicates that his research points to the fact that raccoons prefer American brand cheese nips.

A raccoon by the name of Higgins, who keeps a journal of these things, has reportedly been somewhat hostile when presented with cheese and nips.

If you do not believe the veracity of this research, please, check it for yourself. It is on the internet!

Any further evidence would be greatly appreciated.

brd (Wildlife Investigator)


Anne G G said...

this is great. it's good you have such bold researchers on your team there at DeGeorge laboratories.

My next research step, if I were you, would be to see if you can actually lure the raccoon inside, and then document the Cheese Nip-induced damage to your home ;-)

brd said...

To boldly go where no one has gone before!

I have some non-cheesenip induced music video ready for posting. Talk about bold! Let's get this party started!

Anne G G said...

yes, I'm very excited about the new posting to come. Please do include "Get this party started" in the title, as then I think it will come up in a youtube search along with more legit music videos. I'm hoping to go viral on this one!!!!!

cadh 8 said...

I so long to be viral one day. But quilts don't usually become part of a viral post. I hope that you reach that viral level without destroying any possibility of a career moving forward.

And I do so love the cheese nip thing. Very cute. You should do some research on how the american diet makes racoons so fat that they cannot escape from their natural predators...

Most racoons I know get hit by cars anyway, so they might as well enjoy their diet while they can! :)