Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Letters to Obama

Dear Obama,

I love your blog idea. I just set up my new blog at

How cool is that!

Letters to Obama from an Old Woman

Watch out, I may tell you a thing or two!

Obama for President!


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cadh 8 said...

I looked at your Blog...But refused to log in there. But as I log in here, I have sparked a discussion with my in-laws just by having the website open. Socialism, freedom, sanctity of life, partial birth abortion, euthanasia...all have been touched on in the last 3 minutes already.

Have you read Atlas Shrugged? Will the change that Obama wants allow the moochers and the looters to take control? I have thought a lot about this lately...And the fact that by taking away people's right to provide for themselves you actually take away a person's right to live? I have watched this in an intimate way, seeing those with the greatest need, disability and difficulty. They mark the time of their lives, watching TV, eating until hundreds of pounds overweight, and masturbating in inappropriate places and times because there is no other thing to do. We all recognize that they can't do for themselves, right, so we ust do for them. Without the struggle of life, there is no life.

What is the answer? I do not know. But change is only good if we become safer, more productive, more econoical, and more prosperous.

You know me, always ready to comment on politics...