Friday, June 06, 2008

Street Art

Dear Banksy,

I don't know what has taken me so long to write again. I've been wanting to show you these works of street art ever since I got back from Budapest, but, you know, one thing and another.

At any rate, on the way to the opera one night after parking on a little off-street near Andrássy utsa, we stumbled upon this art work. I was extremely pleased.

This one is a little terrifying, but very interesting I think. I love the brow. I'm glad he isn't looking at me.

And this one was situated near a trash bin. Is that thought bubble Spanish, and is that a dog or a pig?

But my favorite piece was found not on the streets of Europe but Knoxville, and, for that matter, in front the building where I work, day in, day out. "Outside your own back door," so to speak.

She is lovely, isn't she? She has all the glamor of Greta Garbo and the reserve. Beautiful. I was told that this piece was done by a student at the University of Tennessee, but I won't tell.



cadh 8 said...

This art is very cool.

It made me think og this video I was sent. This is some insane street art...but done as a moving video with the art being done and removed in a totally awesome way. Really unbelievable. Check it out at

I hope this loads. It has been a while since I watched it.

cadh 8 said...
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cadh 8 said...

SCroll down to the link

and click it