Tuesday, August 12, 2008

DeGeorge Garden 2008

Dear Mother,

I'm sorry that you didn't get to see my garden this summer, so I'm posting a garden visit here.

(Note on the video sound track: I really do know that those yellow flowers are Black Eyed Susans.)

Plus I wanted to show you some pictures of our freshly sanded and painted rod iron railing on the back deck. My husband did an amazing job, don't you think. First he used a metal grinding kind of wheel on it. Then some kind of sanding cloth. Next Rustoleum Reformer. Then, finally, a black gloss Rustoleum enamel paint. I had feared that our only hope was an expensive replacement, but this turned out quite nicely. Now he is working on the support problems for the deck itself.
Perhaps next summer it will be time to give the deck itself a new face. Any ideas?

Plus, I'm adding a photo of three of my favorite things. Smile.




cadh 8 said...

Three favorites, huh? Hmmm...

WEll, I liked your wall-eyed Susans. And your whole garden was beautiful. I am glad you will get to see mine in person today.

Don't forget to save me some moon flower seeds!!
Love you,

brd said...

Three of my favorite things. This does not imply in the least that I don't have additional favorites. I use my camera later today to grab more favorites!!!