Friday, October 03, 2008

Joe Biden, Debates, and These are a Few of My Favorite Things!

Dear Joe Biden,

I don't exactly want to critique your debate with Sarah. I thought it was most entertaining. I do want to say that of the four of you, Barack, John, Sarah, and Joe, (may I call you Joe, as Sara said) you won, hands down.

I liked hearing you. Is that because I'm from a Pennsylvania railroad town, not unlike the areas where you grew up? I like the way you talk. Direct, yet friendly. I think you are authentic.

I don't want to belabor any points at all, but this was my favorite moment from the debate last night. I think Reuters liked it too.

My second favorite moment was this little exchange. I thought you were very strong, yet polite. You took your pot shot at Cheney (who deserves it).

That's all I wanted to say, but thanks for the good show last night!



cadh 8 said...

Good post. Biden did do well. Some shaky facts on some of his responses. I like to see where poeple's comments fall on the truth-o-meter. All four candidates have told some whoppers. Joe got the "liar liar pants on fire" when he called Bush braindead. Go to to see why. Pretty funny.

I like that first moment too. Joe did very well.

I will post on Palin's side soon too.

brd said...

Yes. Sarah had a few quotable quotes. Let's post.

cadh 8 said...

Just thought I would add, SNL mockeries of the debates, now THOSE are a few of my favorite things!!!

brd said...

Better than the SNL take on the debates was the skit on the Bailout. Their take on Pelosi and Barney Frank was precious.