Sunday, October 26, 2008

When's it gonna end?

Dear voters,

OK, so consider this my closing argument. This election has left me a bit tired and disheartened, but whatever the outcome is going to be, let's just rip off the band aid and get it over with.

I know that many have already voted, but I am going to recap here my top 5 reasons for voting for McCain. (in no particular order, except the first...)

#1--Pro life stance. I understand that using a "litmus test" for candidates is not always practical. But it is very important. As a woman and as a Christian this one of my core stances. But strip away these "labels" and I have so many other reasons for being pro-life. This is very important to me, so I had to get this out up front. I understand, however, that others have felt put into a situation where they have to go against long held views on this issue due to other issues taking precedence.

#2--Goals for energy Independence. John McCain has laid out a plan for this on his site. Read all about it. He is for alternative fuels, greater domestic production, development of alternate methods of transportation, etc. I think he has good plans in this area.

#3--Health care plan. McCain's health care plan makes more sense to me, when comparing the choices. It puts power and responsibility in the hands of the people of this country. I feel that the bureaucracy of a more nationalized, socialized system will become a huge, money eating behemoth leaving your every day person with less quality care. As stated by a doctor interviewed on the radio, better care that costs less is a great idea, but it is just not as easy as the politicians make it sound. I think letting the people choose is the best plan, and a tax credit is a great way to let people have more money to do so. BUT, with the current financial issues, I am doubtful that there will be money to give people this kind of tax break. But that goes for both candidates...

#4--Cutting spending. McCain stressed this a lot. But will it happen? He says it will, with a reduction in ear marks. McCain's record shows his desire for projects to be paid for and to end earmarks (he does not use them himself), so I believe he will truly work for this.

#5--John McCain's record. I think that the media has forgotten that up until winning the nomination for being the Republican candidate, John McCain really was a maverick to many republicans. He worked in a bipartisan way with others in the Senate, went against his party frequently, fought for what he thought was right regardless of what others said, and has a record of strength in the Senate. His votes back up what he says. Obama has a record of running for president, with the occasional partisan vote and vote of "present". I feel more comfortable with McCain's record of service.

I like this picture of John with his dog, but my favorite picture of McCain is of him before the nomination carrying his own bag and flying southwest I think. He ran in this race because he wanted to bring change, bipartisanship, and make a difference. I feel that this has gotten lost in these last days. This is an unfortunate aspect of "running for president". But I hope he has the chance to get into office and go back to being himself, making a positive difference in the history of our country.

My biggest request to both candidates, no matter who is in office, is please, let's balance the budget. Don't continue to spout the "chicken is every pot" mantra. Let's start saying, "you know what, it will be tough, but we can't spend more than we take in. So services will be cut and we will not being doing as much as before, but we will balance our budget for our financial security." There should be focus on using less credit (on all levels from personal to governmental) and being more disciplined in the use of out money. That is my wish, at least.

So in closing, VOTE JOHN MCCAIN!!!!!

And if you are also tired of all this politics, watch my favorite video found in my research during the campaign season. I watch it every now and again for a good laugh.

Special thanks to BRD for allowing me the freedom to post and engage in election discussion on this site. I am truly honored. But I am sure all of BRD's regular readers will be glad to go back to her informative commentary, erudite literary reviews, and or course entertaining flix of the Zorro family and Neb and Solomon!

Love you BRD!


CaDh 8


brd said...


I'm glad that we both influenced each other in the course of our self-imposed and self-enlightening blebates (that is a blog debate). Perhaps we will in the end just cancel out each other's votes, but it will be with a greater confidence that we know where we are headed, whichever candidate wins, and the warm happiness of knowing that there is one of us here in Mudville who is happy.

You know that I do understand and agree in principle with your number 1 reason.* and hope that my candidate listens to the angels of his better self when it comes to supreme court appointments and raising his own two angels.

It has been so fun working with you on these posts, that we must continue with other wonderful co-creations. I think that the next really must include a new visit to Netts Country Store and Deli and then, what did I hear about a gospel sing at Bethel Community Center?

Love, BRD

brd said...

I want to do my final analysis, but I'm over it too. More than that, I want to do an analysis of feminism and the women candidates of 2008. I am so enraged by the treatment that Sarah Palin has received. I keep wondering in my mind what it would have been like if she had been a man. I suppose I'll wait til after the election for that one. There is much to compile. That is part of the horror of it, from Katie Couric to anonymous bloggers, people who did not support McCain acted shamefully. Was it a raw anti-woman hatred that rose in them? It's interesting that we haven't seen, I think, a rise in vile racism, (not too much--and certainly the media has not portrayed this at all.) But we have seen stereotypical woman hating. Perhaps the symbol of it could be the flack related to clothes. Hillary got it. Palin has gotten it in desperate measures. Look forward to this post!