Wednesday, December 17, 2008

And in a Little Prison Near Bethlehem

Dear Friends who are still concerned about babies in Bethlehem,

As Tamar Katz, a 19-year-old Israeli woman was being arrested, she said, "I am not willing to become one of those holding the gun pointed indiscriminately at Palestinian civilians, and I do not believe that such actions could bring any change except ever more antagonism and violence in our region."

She is what is known as one of the Shministim or a refusnik. When she refused to put on the Israeli military uniform, she was put in solitary confinement. No phone calls, no contact, not even access to the most basic hygiene.

Today, December 18, is Shministim Day of Action. Could you support these courageous young people in their stand for morality and justice? You, just have to sign a letter.

For more information on Omer Goldman see this article by Ed Asner (Huffington Post).



brd said...

From a report on the shministim day by Rebecca Vilkomerson.

There is a traditional belief in Yiddish culture, which comes from the Jewish mystical tradition, about the lamedvavniks, the thirty six righteous and humble people for whom God saves the world. The shministim are our lamedvavniks-our voice of conscience, our tiny flickering hope of building a society that does not willingly participate in controlling, terrorizing, and killing the Palestinian people-enforcing the checkpoints, demolishing homes, destroying ancient olive groves, building the Wall, confiscating land, enforcing siege and all the other immoral and illegal actions of the occupation.

brd said...

Article from

Leftist U.S. Jewish group backs Israelis who shun IDF enlistment