Monday, April 09, 2007

If Your Guest Drinks from a Finger Bowl, What Do You Do?

Dear Emily Post,

I hope you don't mind my turning to you for advice, but I'm not sure. If party reporter Sally Quinn offers advice about guests who drink from a finger bowl, then what would you advise about guests who wash in tumblers?

Zorro has been such a perfect guest up to this point.

And, after all, as Sally might point out, "The most important thing you can do as a host or hostess is to make your guests feel comfortable, welcome, wanted."

So I guess I should just let Zorro wash in my glassware anytime, as long as he knows he is welcome here with us.



cadh 8 said...

I know that you are probably disappointed that your very erudite blog has disintegrated into an ametuer Wild Kingdom, but I love it. What a cool video. I think pretty soon Zorro will go viral on the web and everyone will be flocking to your site to check it out!

Anne G G said...

This is fantastic. I like how the videos show a relational progression, both to zorro individually and of the "zoo."