Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Nebuchadnezzar and Solomon

Dear Animal Lovers,

I just wanted to show the animals in the petting zoo, the domesticated ones.

Who was shaking that camera?


P.S. Perhaps I should say a little more about these animals. The white one, Nebuchadnezzar, is an Arab. He is dear and smart but literally afraid of his own shadow. This causes problems while riding, when, he inadvertantly and unexpectedly sees his own shadow. He isn't actually white, but what they call flea-bit, light gray with rusty colored dot-smears on him. The dark one, Solomon, is part Apaloosa but looks like a Morgan (who knows). He is wonderful to ride--has a nice smooth gait. However, he can at times use his size to his own advantage. I am working on teaching him not to do that.


Prof. Fury said...

Ah, Solomon. I have fond memories of jumping a log or two on him.

brd said...

Yes, those are good memories for me too. I have laid off jumping since my accident. Perhaps with caution I will return to that someday. Hopefully you are continuing the practice over the logs in your own neck of the woods.