Friday, April 27, 2007

Not Zorro, Not Zorro

Dear Keebler Elves,

One of my favorite commercials of all times was the "Not Elves" commercial that got me hooked on E.L. Fudge cookies. You remember, Ernie, in it you elves, for certain marketing reasons, denied that you were cookie-making elves.

Well, raccoon denial may be similar to elf denial. At least for some time I was not sure of the existence of two raccoons. Hence I was in denial. Now I have photographic proof.

Pix 1: Proof of dual existence. There are two raccoons.

The question you may ask is, "How does one identify the difference between raccoons." Well, there are two answers: behavior and looks. The video below is "Not-Zorro." He is very nervous and ready to run on a moments notice. Were I to move too quickly or "heaven forbid" open the sliding glass door, he would waddle away at top speed, which for raccoons I have observed is about 0.1 mph. Zorro, on the other hand, would look up and say with his eyes, "Hi there."

The look of raccoons really is different, just like elves. If you compare the videos, surely you too will begin to see the subtle differences.

You Keebler Elves, Ernie, Fast Eddie, Flo, and all, may continue to deny your own existence as cooking-baking beings, but I know for sure that their are two raccoons, Zorro, and um.m.m, Not-Zorro.


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brd said...

Wouldn't you know! The very day I get a click through from--believe this or not--the Holy See--yes, the, what do I have posted? The Keebler Elf. All my theological musings are dwarfed by the presence of Ernie the Elf and Zorro, no Not Zorro, on my blog. How disappointing that must have been there in St. Peter's square.
*I have a simple analytic running that gives information about who is visiting and from where. Today, one popped up that said it was from the Vatican. Hopefully it was just a choir boy killing time doing a search for raccoons.