Monday, May 07, 2007

Explosions in the Sky

Dear Kay and Conversely,

I would like to introduce you. You are both my friends and you both like Explosions in the Sky. This post is for you with special thanks to Kay for the media elements. Little did you know that you both were at the same concert together. Had I been there, I would have introduced you and said, Conversely, this is Kay. She is wonderful. And then I would have said Kay, this is Conversely, he is wonderful. And Avery and T. Azimuth.

People are like explosions to me. I love how they explode into my life and light up my skies. I hate it when they go away and drizzle into the obscurity of the night. One late July 4 night I stood on the boardwalk in Cape May, New Jersey, with one of my oldest friends. Usually, when we watch fireworks together, we do it from a distance. That year we decided to get up close and personal with the explosions. The guns themselves were stationed on a barge that was anchored 100 yards or so out in the Cape May waters. Normally, the swell of the ocean there is so tempered by the rush of the Delaware Bay, that waves don't "make no nevermind." But it was stormy that night and the barge rocked both with the push of the elements and the recoil of the discharges. Explosions lit the sky as usual, but sparks and the litter of packing showered around us. Together we dodged the attack, but without any hint of retreat. Unforgettable.

I wish you all had met.


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