Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Marriage: What Makes it Work for 60 Years? An Answer from Gillian Welch

Dear Gillian,

My parents have just crossed over. That is, they have crossed over their 60th wedding anniversary. Now, they may not be big fans of your music exactly. But if someone asked them what it is that makes a marriage work for 60 years, they would answer something like the words to your song, By The Mark. "It's Jesus," they would say, "Just Jesus."

By The Mark

When I cross over
I will shout and sing
I will know my savior
By the mark where the nails have been

By the mark where the nails have been
By the sign upon his precious skin
I will know my savior when I come to him
By the mark where the nails have been

A man of riches
May claim a crown of jewels
But the king of heaven
Can be told from the prince of fools

On Calvary Mountain
Where they made him suffer so
All my sin was paid for
A long, long time ago

Marriage is a very tricky thing. But from what I have observed. They have it just about right.



Dan Trabue said...

Wow! How wonderful. Is that Gillian singing??!

They rather favor Gillian and David Rawlings - at least in the audio, but then the video's a bit fuzzy.

brd said...

We had Welch/Rawlings impersonators at the event: Deb Harbin and Stevie DeGeorge! It's a little harder to do Welch/Rawlings than it is to do Elvis.