Saturday, June 23, 2007

Richard Wright's Native Son, Albert Camus' The Stranger, and Walker Percy's Lancelot

Dear Richard, Albert, and Walker,

I am fascinated by this thread of commonality between your books, Native Son (1940), The Stranger (1942), and Lancelot (1977). This is cute. Did you plan this or did it just happen? I imagine the three of you doing an IM Chat.

inside_resistance: sanctus+dude:
So this is how this whole series of books got going? No?

Well, I'll have to think about this some more. Others are thinking about it too, like Lemony Snicket and the Baudelaire children.

*Richard Wright, an American novelist of the realist school, asks a famous unfathomable question ... "Who knows when some slight shock," he asks, "disturbing the delicate balance between social order and thirsty aspiration, shall send the skyscrapers in our cities toppling?"
You guys are too much!


*The Penultimate Peril

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