Thursday, August 02, 2007

Horses: Down on the Farm

Dear Gina,

Here are some pix of horses I think you would like.

Nebuchadnezzar (White), Solomon (Black), Chief (Paint), Dakota (Chestnut), Veeger (Brown and Short), Percy (Brown and Tall)

That's life, down on the farm.



cadh 8 said...

I am always amazed when watchiing video of the farm at how prominant the sound of the cicadas or crickets or whatever bugs make up the constant racket that is summer time farm life is. I am right now sitting on my own porch and had totally tuned out the sound until this video reminded me to pay attention. The evening concert is going on all around me.

And the horses were beautiful, by the way.

Oh and one final comment. You said you were sharing some pix of the horses. You actually shared "flix" of the horses. I just learned this term this year. Just like pix, but referring to video.

:) Love you mom

brd said...

Yes, the cicadas are always amazing to hear (and to see!) Yet they do fade into the background of our lives here in Tennessee. Sometimes it takes a visitor or a video (a.k.a. flix) to fix our attention on them.

brd (a.k.a. Mom) xox