Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Most Interesting Rectangle Survey

Dear Survey takers,

I have not succeeded in offering any good surveys lately, so here is a link to someone else's survey and with results collected from a whole lot of people. If you don't want to click to their results, I'll post the general results in the first comment.

The question is, which rectangle do you like best?

Survey: The one that most people choose is called the "Golden Rectangle."



brd said...

Of those polled, 27% choose #6, the golden rectangle, next preferred is #5 with 21%, then #7 with 18%, then #4 with 15%, #3 and #8 tie with 7%, #1 comes in with 3% and #2 just 2%. What's so wrong with 2 I wonder?

Jim Loy, original creator of this poll says, "Rectangle #6 is the golden rectangle (1x1.61803...), discovered by the ancient Greeks, and thought to be especially pleasing. Down through the ages, aesthetics, the philosophical study of what is pleasing, has been divided between two competing views. The first is that certain things have intrinsic beauty (such as the golden rectangle). The second is that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, that it is personal or is culturally determined. As a pragmatic person, I believe that the truth is somewhere in between, that the golden rectangle is indeed pleasing on some basic level, but I prefer other rectangles. I guess the whole idea of this poll is to gain some insight into the idea of basic beauty vs. personal beauty."

BB-Idaho said...

I picked #3. 7% did. It is not a golden rectangle, but in our defense, and additional 7% picked #8. Did we split the Golden Mean, or do we just have poor taste?

brd said...

I think #3 has a good solid feel to it. I haven't made my decision on it yet.

Anne G G said...

I picked #1, which is almost as deviant a choice as #2. I think what I really wanted was a square . . .