Monday, August 20, 2007

On Vacation

Dear Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer,

This is our beach. (Note the sense of ownership, the assertion of squatter sovereignty after just one week.)

This is Cape May at it's photogenic best.
This is where. (Very far.)
We stay in a normal place, but this is across the street. But for Cape May, you can say, this is typical. (And beautiful.)

Plus, friends, weddings, family, swimming, a little reading but less than I wished, (Playing in the Dark by Toni Morrison), and for better or worse, little to no computer time.

Thanks Kathy for the Kia keys!!!



Josh Stock said...

Did you find any Cape May diamonds? It was my favorite thing to look for the pretty little stones when I was young and went to Cape May with my grandparents...

brd said...

Oh, yes. No trip to Cape May is complete without a visit to Sunset Beach and a search for those interesting little quartz gems. The concrete ship is quite deteriorated now, but still peeking out from the water. Could you email me your new address? I have misplaced it and want to send you something--maybe even a . . . well, I won't say!