Tuesday, August 07, 2007

New Kitchen Sink and Back Splash or Why I am NOT a Video Producer

Dear Everyone, and Mom,

One more house tour video after this one and I'll be done with that for now, although I would like to post a couple pictures of my new, 20 minute corral. Yes, I now own a corral for my horses so I can actually bring them to my house for visits. Crazy but true. I call it a 20 minute corral because that is how long it took to put it up--truck to completed corral. How slick is that? We bought it used from a friend who was getting rid of her horses.

But this piece is a kitchen tour. I'm sorry about the dumb audio.

What I meant to say about the sink is that the design flaw was such that if you splashed or the spigot leaked at all, the water tended to collect behind the sink on the counter rather than being caught by the sink and redirected to the bowl. That's all.


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